Someone likes lying in front of the TV, another one slenderizes in the sport-gym and I like to travel to uninhabited Islands.
Why do I prefer such Islands? The reason is that I like to have holidays in the places where I can feel the nature while inhabited and urbanized places are lacking the nature.
Unfortunately every year such places are getting less in number but I hope for my life it will be enough.
Even Greece a so much densely populated country has plenty of uninhabited islands.
Though scooters and airplanes break the silence from time to time, but it does not happen so often to get irritated about it. Moreover that most time I spend in the heart of the chosen though small but sufficient to spend several days islands.
Leaving alone all the excitement of diving near the islands.
The fairy-tale exists, one should only search for it!
The main trouble and problem is people attitude to nature, water.

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